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Mileage Log

The Internal Revenue Service is cracking down on mileage deductions and requires accurate records of business miles. Mileage Tracker helps you keep track of your mileage by giving the tools needed to monitor and track mileage from anywhere and on any device.

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Maintenance Log

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could place all of your vehicles’ maintenance records in one place? Mileage Tracker will give you that opportunity to track and record maintenance performed on each vehicle you own.

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Record Keeper

In addition to maintenace, Mileage Tracker will give you the ability to track other parameters including gas purchases, gas mileage, and historical usage. The opportunities are endless. Try it today!

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Let Mileage Tracker Work For You

Affordable pricing

Mileage Tracker is free! We are in the starting phase of developing our software. Currently the software’s purpose is to track mileage on your vehicles. However in the future we will be adding new features! These include maintenance, storing records online, and tracking gas mileage and purchases. As we grow, our expenses will also grow. We may then charge a fee but for now, it’s free!

Amazing support

Live support is available via our Contact Form. Anytime you need us, have a question, or would like to see a new feature, we will be here to answer any of your questions, problems and concerns. We are confident you will like our software and look forward to hearing from you!

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Currently Mileage Tracker is free to use for up to 10 active vehicles and unlimited number of mileage entries. However, as the software expands and more features are added, there will be some point in time where a user fee will need to be charged to help keep the software up. Donating now can help you. If you donate $500 or more you will receive five years free. A donation of $1000 more will give you free access for the life of the software. If you like the software and want to help you can still donate any amount.